Yokayo Biofuels Is Greasing The Skids

by | Oct 26, 2004

Breaking news from Ukiah, CA

Ukiah entrepreneur Kumar Plocher is fueling a revolution one gallon of biodiesel at a time. Plocher and his wife, Sunny Beaver, manage Yokayo Biofuels, and they preach the biofuels gospel throughout Mendocino County. Since the company started, Yokayo Biofuels has merely distributed biodiesel. However, Plocher is close to finding a site in Ukiah for a biofuels production plant.

“It’s a common misconception that we are producing biofuels right now. I can’t wait to be able to stop having to correct that misconception,” Plocher said. “Being a biodiesel dealer is not profitable, but if you control the process, you increase your ability to make money. In many ways, we are pioneers in what we do. I think a lot of people have their eye on us to see how well we do with our plans.”

Yokayo Biofuels collects restaurant grease and converts it into fuel for diesel-powered vehicles. More than 100 restaurants in Mendocino and Sonoma counties take part in the grease recycling program. Their participation yields about 5,000 gallons per month for Plocher’s business.