“Written In Chalk” Is Really Written In Permanent Marker

by | Apr 6, 2009

Buddy and Julie Miller are out with a new album, Written in Chalk that’s tearing up the Americana charts and hitting people where it counts — in the heart, gut and head.

The album’s lead song, “Ellis County” presents a picture of The Great Depression that is distinctly human. “Times were hard, but we didn’t know it. If we ate, we had to grow it,” sings the couple to a contemporary audience that’s clearly in tune with (and in need of) these kind of not so scary stories from the last severe hardship our nation endured.

Here’s Buddy talking about the work:

Buddy And Julie Miller: Written In Chalk: About The Album from New West Records on Vimeo.

With music that is always deeply personal, naturally eccentric and spiritually weighted, not to mention expertly performed, Buddy Miller is considered an auteur and a virtuoso. A skilled producer and emotive songwriter, Buddy is also widely recognized as one of the best guitar players in Nashville.

“Both Buddy and Julie Miller have famously good taste, and Written in Chalk, with its wide range of voices and styles, nicely displays the different modes in which they can work,” says Pop Matters.

[MP3] “Ellis County” by Buddy and Julie Miller