Writers Make Connections

by | Jul 14, 2007

“Writers differ from all other creative types in that they suffer the illusion that the world really needs to hear what they have to say.” –Rollo May Ph.D.

Jackie Danicki recently came across the above quote from America’s best known existential psychologist. But she ain’t buying it.

As soon as I read that quotation, I knew it was the misguided sentiment of a socialist. When you no longer view “the world” as a faceless, voiceless collective and instead see it for what it is – made up of distinct, wonderful, flawed individuals – losing self-consciousness in the doing of good is no longer a problem.

Danicki believes that social media services like Twitter, blogs, Flickr and Facebook expands her world, making it “more special and more populated with valued people.” Amen to that, sister.

Footnote: I found Danicki on Twitter.