William Rivers Pitt Is Rock Solid

by | Oct 1, 2004

A great writer has the power to sway people. William Rivers Pitt, Managing Editor of Truth Out and author of two best-selling political books, is such a writer. In addition to his books, Pitt has penned many articles of value, but one that really begins to make things clearer for me is “Introducing John Kerry”, which appeared yesterday, prior to the first Presidential debate. In this piece, Pitt describes Kerry’s childhood and family background, helping the reader understand what makes Kerry the man he is today. I must admit, I’m impressed.

From Pitt’s article: “A life of service and study crafted a man of depth, of intelligence, who can see all the sides of any issue and incorporates all available data before making a decision. The opponents he has faced and defeated throughout his career have enjoyed painting him as vacillating, as indecisive, as a man who holds several positions at once in order to cover his political backside. In truth, these incomplete views on John Kerry are born from a modern political landscape that cannot fathom a man who is judicious, contemplative and thorough, because such attributes have been all too absent from our political discourse.”

William Rivers Pitt on a cold New England day