Where Writers Write

by | Sep 24, 2007

J.G. Ballard’s workspace

Jason Kottke points to a Guardian feature on writers’ rooms.

British writer J.G. Ballard describes his work environment:

On the desk is my old manual typewriter, which I recently found in my stair cupboard. I was inspired by a letter from Will Self, who wrote to me on his manual typewriter. So far I have just stared at the old machine, without daring to touch it, but who knows? The first drafts of my novels have all been written in longhand and then I type them up on my old electric. I have resisted getting a computer because I distrust the whole PC thing. I don’t think a great book has yet been written on computer.

Ballard has worked at the desk pictured above for the past 47 years.

Two of Ballard’s novels–Crash (1973) and Empire of the Sun (1984)–have been made into Hollywood films.