Weaving Lowcountry Yarn

by | Jul 1, 2005

Ten months ago I wrote What I Really Want To Do, wherein I listed five book ideas to shop around. I have another I’d like to float by you.

The story is set in histortically signifcant Beaufort County, South Carolina, where Chance Pinckney’s people are from. Chance himself grew up in West Philly. He’s black, educated and something of a firebrand. He’s also a speechwriter in search of an independent candidate for Congress.

He eventually finds his man and they make their way to Washington. In a story such as this, where a radical element has center stage, it’s tempting to kill off the hero. But that’s too easy an out. No, Chance and his candidate get shot at (this is post-modern realism) but they escape harm. I hope that doesn’t ruin it for you.