The Truth Is Plain To See

by | Apr 11, 2006


Al Franken recently shared the stage at Judaism University with Ann Coulter, a.k.a. Thin White Puke. Midwest Values Pac has Franken’s opening statement. There’s a lot of great stuff in it, but I’ll narrow in on one small segment for our purposes here.

In her book Slander, Ann tells her readers that Al Gore had a leg up on George W. Bush when applying to their respective colleges. Harvard and Yale. Ann writes:

Oddly, it was Bush who was routinely accused of having sailed through life on his father’s name. But the truth was the reverse. The media was manipulating the fact that many years later Bush’s father became president. When Bush was admitted to Yale, his father was a little-known congressman on the verge of losing his first Senate race. His father was a Yale alumnus, but so were a lot of other boys’ parents. It was Gore, not Bush, who had a famous father likely to impress college admissions committees.

What does Ann omit? Well, that Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush was also a Yale alum and had been Senator from Connecticut, the home state of Yale University. That Prescott Bush had been a trustee of Yale. That Prescott Bush had been the first chair of Yale’s Development Board — the folks who raise the money. That Prescott Bush sat on the Yale Corporation for twelve years. That Prescott Bush, like George W. Bush’s father, George H. W, Bush, had been a member of Skull and Bones. That the first Bush to go to Yale was Bush’s great great grandfather James Bush, who graduated in 1844. That in addition to his father, grandfather, and greatgreatgrandfather, Bush was the legacy of no less than twenty-seven other relatives who preceded him at Yale, including five great great uncles. Seven great uncles. Five uncles, and a number of first cousins.

In case you’re still wondering where W gets his sense of entitlement, his right to lie for the nation’s own good, reread that last paragraph. Bush and cronies like to paint a picture of a bumbling, God-fearing everyman, but W is worlds apart from that fictional creation. The truth is he was groomed from day one to be where he is today, to say what he says and to do what he does.