The Song Remains The Same

by | Dec 13, 2007


On Monday night in London, Led Zeppelin made a triumphant return to the stage for the first time in 27 years.

The Washington Post has an interesting first person account of the scene by Erik Huey.

Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones stride onstage, joined by Jason Bonham, son of their original drummer, John Bonham, whose death in 1980 caused the band’s breakup. As they pick up their instruments, I’m consumed by one overwhelming sentiment: Can they pull it off? Can a trio of 59-to-63-year-old men recapture the raw thunder and sexually charged intensity of their youth?

For that matter, can we?

I’m an attorney now, staring down the barrel of 40. But think of the person you were decades ago — adolescent, unshackled by cynicism and Weltschmerz, full of youthful abandon and an unblinking belief in the sheer possibility of things.

From all accounts (a quick Google search away) the band delivered, and the fans who were lucky enough to pay outrageous sums to be inside the O2 arena were more than satisfied.