The Preppy Handbook Comes To Life On A Blog (Of All Places)

by | Apr 7, 2006

Elizabeth Spiers, formerly of Gawker, started a new blog recently. DealBreaker covers the underbelly of Wall Street. One of the writers on the site is named Muffy Benson-Perella. She’s an investment banker in Manhattan who holds a B.A. in French and Art from Vassar College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Sort of. You see, Muffie is a character. Purely a work of fiction.


In one recent post, a commentor dared to call her a joke. Someone, called “MBA_Overlord” came to Muffy’s defense.

Muffie writings are not a joke. Rather, she offers more common people valuable insights into the rarified world of finance. Her trenchant observations illuminate investment banking’s mysteries.

After all, those, like you, who do not possess her level of erudition, acomplishment, and breeding, cannot possibly even hope to walk Wall Street’s hallowed halls of power. I should know as I enjoy a similarly advantaged provenance.

Her voice is the clarion call. You would do well to heed her words. As I have said before, Muffie’s existence uplifts us all.

This is good shit. Just look at the name. Muffy Benson would not suffice. This character has Continental flare!

Here’s how Vulture Droppings sees it:

What’s amazing about this blog is the immediate and hateful response it is getting from readers. Check out some of the comments on the “Ask Muffie” section, where we get to hear overworked traders, brains fried by constant exposure to the Bloomberg terminal, tear their hair out over a ditzy and COMPLETELY FICTIONAL MBA columnist.

Nice work, Ms. Spiers.