The Omaha Sound

by | Dec 11, 2006

I finally caught up with The Faint in San Diego and Los Angeles last week. I was particularly interested in doing so, given that they’re Omaha boys like me.

image courtesy of Neil Motteram

The Faint are on Omaha’s Saddle Creek Records, the label responsible for placing the city on the music industry’s map. A seminal moment of that mapping came in March 2002 when Time magazine ran an article called, “Cornfield Cool” on The Faint and Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes.

While I’m not inclined to become a huge fan of synthpop just yet, The Faint are incredible live. Their energy alone is impressive. But I’m even more wowed by the eclectic mix of styles fighting for a voice in the band’s music. On a rock solid foundation–care of Joel Petersen’s funky bass and Clark Baechle’s steady drums–punk, ska, pop, electronic and dance music all find a comfortable Midwestern home.