The Greening Of America Is On

by | Apr 28, 2006

Abercorn Commons is the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified shopping mall to open in the U.S., and it’s located nearby in Savannah.


According to Savannah Morning News, Melaver Inc.–the site’s developer–is incorporating water, energy and materials conservation techniques to meet these standards. The elements include a cistern that harvests rainwater for irrigation; waterless urinals; energy efficient heating and air-conditioning systems; and a white roof coating to reflect heat.

The commercial real estate project is also home to the first ever LEED certified McDonald’s. The McDonald’s features large windows that allow daylight to reach 75 percent of the interior of the restaurant, reducing lighting costs. The restaurant also boasts bike racks, preferred parking for hybrid vehicles, porous pavement and a white roof.