The Fourth Estate’s Fortunes Have Waned

by | May 27, 2005

“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” -Jim Morrison


From the Museum of Media History (not a real place, as far as I can tell) comes EPIC 2014, or Evolving Personalized Information Construct, a viral that walks viewers through the history and future of media since Tim Behrens-Lee “founded” the internet in 1989.

Writers Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson make several spooky projections, but due to the mood music in the piece and the soothing narration, their thinking seems legitimate and non-threatening. Unless of course, you happen to work at the New York Times. They claim the Times will be offline by 2014, the once mightly gray lady reduced to “a newsletter for the elderly and the elite.”

Thanks to Tom Asacker for the pointer. There’s some interesting discussion of the piece in his comments area.