The Forward Pass Debuts In Lincoln

by | Sep 18, 2004

After a nine win season last year, Nebraska’s A.D. fired the head coach and went to the NFL’s Oakland Raiders for a new one. His name is Bill Callahan and he brought his West Coast offense to town with him. Right now Coach Callahan has young Joe Dailey–a qb from New Jersey recruited to run the option–running his high flying system. Which may explain why Dailey has thrown so many interceptions in his first three games.


I can see where the players will adapt in time, but we fans of Husker Nation must also adapt. Today, against Pitt we threw a pass on first down from our own end zone. It worked. But it was shocking. Faced with that type of field position in the past, we would have relied on the farm boys up front to make a hole large enough to drive a John Deere through.