Thanks Lou

by | Sep 22, 2004

Okay, there might be one real TV journalist left. His name is Lou Dobbs and he uses his show on CNN to take big business to task for shipping our jobs overseas. Last evening, he did his viewing public a big favor, giving Independent candidate for President, Ralph Nader room to unload his message, free from the biting interruptions of talking heads like of Sean Hannity, Robert Novak or Chris Mathews.

Here are highlights from Nader’s blistering tirade:

~ Amazing saga, what happens when you put this system under stress, Lou. And the bile and the mucous and all this stuff pops up. And basically, it’s political bigotry by the Democratic Party against competition, against small parties, against independent candidates.

~ 10 times more registered Democrats in Florida deserted Gore for Bush than deserted Gore for the Nader-LaDuke ticket, and that was true around the country. So you think they would concentrate on that? You think they would concentrate on actively registering nine million African-American voters. 90 percent whom vote Democrat.

~ This is a decadent party. It’s decayed. It’s surrounded by corporate consultants, corporate advisers, and loaded with corporate money. And it’s got to be challenged. I hope progressive Democrats after the election will really purge that party from its corporate domination because it’s just losing elections for the last 10 years to the worst of the Republicans, at the local, state, and national level.

~ I’m going to propose in the next few days, and I hope to advertise classified ads in China and Mexico, an “outsource your CEO” program. And I’m going to ask for bilingual people in the third world, who are experienced, successful in management, who’d be very pleased to replace the heads of IBM and General Electric and General Motors at 1/10 of the executive salary, and probably work even harder.