Tales from Nash Vegas

by | Jun 12, 2005

“These songs were written in Boston between 1986 and 1990– before I moved to Nashville. I found my “voice,” as a writer, in these songs. It was my first time to recognize that voice in a whole song, then a batch of whole songs. I got a big record deal with these songs. I recorded them and gave it everything I had. When the record was finished and delivered to the record company, my fate was decided in a 5 minute meeting to not release the record.

11 years later, the songs will have their release. They have served their time in solitary confinement-eyes blinking as theyre led to the sun. I recorded and worked on this album in my living room with the help of true masters of music, voice and sound—–friends.

Rather than righting some wrong from my past, I prefer to believe that this record exists now because I have grown, that these songs were bigger than I was as an artist eleven years ago, and that, now, I can stand up to them, and share them with you.”

Darrell Scott
Eterwater, Cambria, England – June 25, 2003