Spreading the Word

by | Jan 18, 2014

Last year I began to actively seek out new places to publish my writing.

As someone who has invested heavily in the development of my own sites, I felt it was important to break out of any traps of my own making. To this end, here are three new pieces of writing (not published on any of my own sites) that I’d like to share with you:

  • A new poem published on Medium: Jury Duty
  • A new feature for The Content Strategist: Google Dreams of a Bot That Will Take Over Your Brand’s Twitter
  • A new feature for Nimble: 3 Ways to Light a Spark of Brand Love
  • Medium is an interesting development for readers and writers. It’s a platform for text, where writers self-publish as they would on their own sites. The difference is Medium offers what only a platform can: opportunities for discovery, collaboration and recommendation.

    The web is too big. Millions of personal websites are too hard to find, bookmark, return to and read. Some are well designed for reading, others not so much. I wouldn’t say stand-alone web sites are in danger of extinction, but there is a shift from owned media to shared media.

    In my own world, I saw the need for consolidation and focus, which led me to step away from AdPulp.com after a nine year run. The topic became tiresome, but it was also a matter of economics. David Burn the writer and brand builder makes money. David Burn the ad blogger makes friends in the business, and sometimes those friends lead to work.

    A blog can be good for business, but the line from the blog to your paid product or service has to be direct and I didn’t have that on AdPulp. I do have that on Bonehook.com.