Smokeless Crack

by | May 3, 2005

Michelle at Meme First is brave enough to speak openly about her addiction.

Is it just me or is there anyone else out there addicted to iTunes Music Store? It’s like being at a dollar store and you keep buying all these things you don’t need but kind of like because they’re so darn cheap. You keep seeing these signs everywhere – buy me for only $0.99! I now see them in my sleep. I need help.

You can’t stop. Just $0.99 more. That’s less than a dollar, you know. No one will miss a dollar. Or another. Or one more. Or perhaps 30 more? On a good day. Please, I need help. Someone help me. I’m not sure I can live this like any longer.

You have to give it to Apple. Its site is easy to use, so spending good hard increments of $0.99 is really, really easy. Scary easy. In fact, it’s only one click away. I unchecked the verification of purchase box so now when I click, it doesn’t bother to ask me if I’m sure, if I can really afford it, if I’m all right with eating PB&J’s or Mac & Cheese for the rest of the month because before I know it, the song is downloaded and my VISA is charged. The man (only a man could be this evil) who developed this system is a genius or a drug pusher or both. I bet he owns a big house, several really nice cars and now my soul.

I feel her pain/pleasure. I just started buying up songs about a month ago and I can’t seem to stop. It’s that instant gratification thing. Plus, MP4s are awesome. No one seems to be talking about MP4, but it’s a CD-quality file at MP3 size, and a marked technological advance.

Plus, you can share your purchased playlist with the world at the iTunes store. Pretty damn nifty.