Scott Avett Is Painting His Masterpiece

by | May 2, 2008

Scott Avett is a talented individual. He’s known for his work with The Avett Brothers, but he’s also an accomplished painter.


According to his web site, Scott is also active in illustration, printmaking, and sculpture (in addition to his songwriting, recording and performing duties).

Captain Obvious had a chance to speak with Scott last week, before the band’s Friday night Merlefest appearance.

Obvious: You guys have really picked up a lot of steam as of late, playing Late Night with Conan O’Brien last year and having “If It’s The Beaches” played on the NBC series “Friday Night Lights.” Are you surprised by the success?

Scott: None of our accomplishments have made us champions but we are extremely thankful and honored by the recognition. Since day one we have promised to carry ourselves proudly no matter the rate of “success” that comes our way. Success, for us, is to maintain that integrity and that attitude and nothing can touch us… but, surprised to find yourself on the Grand Ole Opry or Conan O’Brien, no doubt about it.

Good attitude.