Salmon del Rio

by | Aug 14, 2001

Wild Magnolias, Dirty Dozen Brass Band + Leftover Salmon

Salmon del Rio, August 11 + 12 on the Colorado River, near State Bridge was further proof (not that any was needed) that LOS has more phun than any band alive. That’s their thing. To have as much phun with as many pholks as humanly possible. Saturday night at Salmonfest this year was total N’awlins meltdown. Wild Magnolias opened for the Dirty Dozen who opened for the Salmon. Then all three acts shared the stage coming out of a second line at intermission. I wish I had a photo. There must have been close to fifty peeps on stage (what with all the Salmon heads in the parade), jigging hard for a long time. God, I love Salmon.