Restless Wind Moves The Cheese In New Directions

by | Oct 9, 2007


Scotty Greene writing for Kynd Music reviews the “final show” from String Cheese Incident on 8/12/07 at Red Rocks. I place quotes around “final” because bands often find ways to play together again.

Sunday night was surreal from start to finish, 3 sets plus 4 encores. Opening the show with a mini-acoustic set sent a message to all of us: They hadn’t forgotten where they came from. Very cool, and very enjoyable. But we were all ready for the throwdown, so let’s not kid ourselves. On a perfect Summer night in Colorado, many thousand strong, Red Rocks Ampitheatre was the scene of the crime -and we were all guilty as hell.

The setlists speaks for themselves, but a surprise visit from Keller Williams to jam his anthem Best Feeling was more than decent, as he proves time and again his talents are unlimited. Other highlights from the last two sets: Way Back Home, Restless Wind, Rain, Rhythm of the Road, Shine, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Good Times Around the Bend, and finally, Texas – all classics, played as hard as humanly possible, all hitting home time and time again.

The memories were so rich, so thick, I could almost taste them. One listen to that Restless Wind or Texas and you’ll know what I’m talking about. A couple of curtain calls and “thank you’s”, and still, we wanted more, but the band had bowed its final bow, waved its final wave, and spoken its final word. Some pretty intense shit.

I concur with Greene on the nostalgia factor. Thanks to the download from LiveCheese, I’m presently reliving my own good times with this seminal Colorado band.