by | Jul 20, 2003

I heard the term “Radotude” the other day and it’s now embedded in my personal lexicon. It was actually pronounced “Raditude,” but I prefer the former option, as it conforms to the state’s actual spelling. Either way, it’s a fitting moniker for the “hipper than thou” mentality that permeates Colorado. Clearly, there are a number of factors that have led to this sad state, but I believe we can first thank the omnipresent gear-heads–athletic young men and women who sport this season’s hottest shades, polypro garments (to wick away the moisture…duh!), and of course the requisite “I’m about to go running thru the back county” sandals, a fashion oxymoron, if there ever was one.


A more commonly used term that goes well with this new linguistic discovery is “Rado dude!” As in, “Everything’s kinder in Rado, dude.” And there is some truth in that sentiment, as the mountains are bigger, the rivers do run wilder, and the kids tend to only smoke dank. Dank is the polar opposite of schwag (a brown, seed-riddled, import).