Prevailing Currents

by | Feb 10, 2006

With my recent inclusion in Morph, “the Media Center conversation,” I’m asking myself if I am now part of the mainstream media. Better yet, part of the media elite.

With the inception of AdPulp, just 16 months ago, something shifted for me. My career took a strong turn towards writing, editing and publishing (and away from the brand-sponsored “writing” that had been the centerpeice). I feel like I’m in a better place now.

I still write copy and I still help big brands construct and implement their communications strategies. Perhaps, I always will. But I don’t enjoy doing it for strangers, nor for firms at odds with my fundemental beliefs.

I want to help companies working to improve the world in some way. Advertising is powerful stuff. So is media, in all its varieties. I want to apply advertising and media to powerful ideas–like solar, wind, biodiesel and hemp. All emerging industries that need my drive and experience (and yours!) to help move hundreds of millions of energy consumers to a post-oil economy.

I miss my youthful ambitions and idealism. It’s time to bring them back.