Portland’s Pop Duo Keeps Its Eyes Ahead

by | Feb 12, 2008

Sub Pop recroding artist, The Helio Sequence, is out with a new album.


Here’s how the label describes Brandon Summers’ and Benjamin Weikel’s new effort:

Keep Your Eyes Ahead marries the Portland duo’s signature layered keyboards and impossibly big guitars with crisp songwriting and a newfound appreciation for minimalism. The finger picking on “Shed Your Love” is backed by exquisite strings and ambient noise, but Brandon’s serene, self-assured delivery remains front and center. While songs from the band’ early releases spanned up to 7 minutes, even the longest, lushest, catchiest track on Keep Your Eyes Ahead (fiery anthem “Hallelujah”) clocks in at 4 and a half minutes, evidence of just how refined their craft has become.

David Sessions at Patrol says, “for most of Keep Your Eyes Ahead, the duo sticks to its lofty roots, resulting in an impressive, if not groundbreaking, chin-out dare to bands like the Explosions in the Sky and Band of Horses to stack the sound any higher.”

Sessions adds, “The fantastic title track marries jumping bass with a steady-four dance ryhymn, much like the pseudo-disco modus operandi of the latest VHS or Beta record.”