File Sharing Is Not A Crime

by | Oct 22, 2005

Thanks to Bluepear Radio for this retro poster and info on an important peer-to-peer gathering set to take place in Chicago on November 3rd.

A word from the conference sponsors:

In September 2003, members of the Recording Association of America filed the first wave of lawsuits against individual peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharers. Two years and 14,000 lawsuits later, both P2P file-sharing and file-sharing litigation continue unabated, and members of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) are now suing individual Internet users as well. It’s time to step back and consider where this litigation has been, where it’s going, and whether there is a better way.

For a highly learned read on the subject from the jamband point-of-view see, this article by Mark F. Schultz of Southern Illinois University School of Law. Here’s a taste from his abstract.

The social norms of the jamband community might be a mere curiosity but for the fact that they appear to be based on a deeply rooted human behavioral trait known as reciprocity. Reciprocity motivates people to repay the actions of others with like actions – value received with value given, kindness with kindness, cooperation with cooperation, and non-cooperation with retaliation. Under the right circumstances, reciprocity can foster and sustain pro-social, cooperative social norms. This Article examines the latest laboratory and theoretical research on reciprocity from behavioral and experimental economics and applies it to the social norms of the jamband community.