Oh Ottawa

by | Jul 9, 2005

I bought Kathleen Edwards sophomore effort, Back To Me, off iTunes this week. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m liking an awful lot of country these days. But hey, the country I like is some damn good country.

The New York Times praised Edwards as a writer whose songs can “pare situations down to a few dozen words while they push country-rock towards its primal impulses of thump and twang,” and on Back To Me, she once again demonstrates that she can rock hard but also move a listener with heart stopping insights.

“It’s always been important to me that my records work as an album – that it isn’t just a collection of songs, but something that creates a real, vivid, three-dimensional portrait. And I don’t want to rely on the same dynamic and style on every song. I want to use every crayon in the box, and I feel like I accomplished that with Back To Me,” says Edwards.