I Love You Jerry

by | Oct 24, 2003

Jerry Joseph + The Jackmormons

Jerry brought his intelligent punk-influenced rock to tiny Schuba’s on the corner of Southport and Belmont for a Friday night free for all. Yes, there was an admission price, I’m referring to the steady flow of drinks and the presence of a noticable rocker-type mentality in the audience. One young woman–I hesitate to call her a lady–screamed her love for Jerry at every opportunity. While I do share her emotional connection to the artist, I found little to admire in her desire to be heard above all else. But hey, I was young and drunk once. On a more positive note, this was Darby’s first Jerry show, and she loved it. It’s always a joy to share the music you love with the one you love, especially when the artist is so clearly deserving of a wider audience.