Nader Faces Stiff Resistance Every Step Of The Way

by | Nov 2, 2004


According to the web site, Write In Nader, and Nader’s own web site voters in Illinois are clear to write-in the anti-corporate candidate. But I’m not expecting many write-in votes for Nader to actually be counted, at least not in Cook County.

Chicago Indy Media reported last week that Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo completed 110 different forms in order to be listed as “write-in” candidates in Illinois. But, David Orr’s Cook Country Clerk’s office has said that it did not receive the write-in forms for Nader-Camejo. However these forms were sent by registered mail, and were signed for at 7:40am on Monday morning. Either the Cook County Clerk’s office is hopelessly inept or hopelessly corrupt.

Write-in ballots for candidates who are not listed are merely thrown away.