Maui Puts Dennis On The (County) Map

by | Feb 26, 2004


Dennis Kucinich, the most radical elected official in America today, won the Democratic caucus on this small island in the Pacific this week. He took over 50% of the vote. According to news reports several lifelong Republicans and a number of Independents crossed over to the Democrats in order to vote for Dennis. Dennis also took 30% of the vote in the state as a whole, coming in second to Kerry. Thank you Hawaii for voting your hearts.

Illinois voters do not declare their party affiliation at the time of voter registration. Thus, our state’s Tuesday, March 16th Democratic Party primary is an “open primary.” You can walk up and declare at the voting place. I’m very pleased with this news (I called the elections bureau to confirm) and now plan to abandon my fiercely Independent stance in order to become a Radical Democrat and cast my vote for Dennis. At least for a day.