March Madness

by | Mar 31, 2001

Jazz Mandolin Project, moe., and Galactic

I’m back in Nebraska for the first winter since 1975 and it’s wicked cold outside. It has been since last November. Unrelenting Great Plains wind, blowing cold in my face. But, I like it too. It’s fresh. Kinda like these bands…On 3/10, I went to my cousin’s wedding, then ditched out of there and drove to Lincoln for Jazz Mandolin Project. The acoustic and very phishy Vermonters were playing in Knickerbocker’s, a pretty sweet spot for a band this big. On 3/15–the Ides of March–moe. appeared at the Ranch Bowl. It was packed and I could barely move, but other than that it was ripping. On 3/30, Galactic came to town for the first time. Galactic’s keyboard player, Eric Vogel is a native Omahan, so it was a date long overdue. But let me say, THIS SHOW TORE THE ROOF OFF THE MUTHA!