Makin’ Label

by | Apr 7, 2007

The writing in this 2006 Bloodshot Records self-promo is brilliant. Here’s a snippet transcribed:

Fueled by boredom, hubris, naivete, and a complete ignorance of what may lie ahead in the venal snakepit that is the music industry, a quixotic plan to undermine the towers of Babylon was concocted. Bloodshot dedicated itself to encouraging and documenting the cross pollination of the spirit and sound of punk and the craft and tradition of country, bluegrass, soul and roots all wrapped up with the general disinterest and disdain for the confinements of mainstream taste making and genrefication. Eleven years and 130 releases later the little lable with a lofty idea has successfully, and some might say ruthlessly, forged an empire using this intuitive template.