Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

by | Jun 19, 2008

Silver Jews’ new album, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea was released on Tuesday.


Here’s some of what Paste has to say:

Though chief semite David Berman sounds less electrified and more gentrified than usual on Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, he’s the rare songwriter who’s better for it.

As a vehicle for Berman’s words, just as much as a follow-up to his 1999 poetry collection Actual Air would be, Lookout Mountain is a volume to be consumed in one’s own time, filed on the shelf, and eventually taught in seminars as an example of form and poise.

In other words, this one’s a must have. But I wouldn’t file it on a shelf. Put it into listening rotation, straight away.

[MP3] “San Francisco, BC” by Silver Jews