Let Them Eat Lobster

by | Oct 14, 2005

Halley’s Comment: You’d have to live under a rock, or have a brown paper bag as your favorite hat, not to notice that things are getting very bullish and “dot com-like” in the blogosphere these days.

Halley showing Scoble some love

So what to do about this atmosphere of fame and fortune suddenly being visited on blogging? A bunch of us were talking about that at dinner Monday night in Seattle at MSN Search Champs Camp. The “champs” included Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Mary Hodder, Liz Lawley, Gina Trapani, Andru Edwards, Raymond Chen and yours truly, Halley Suitt.

I guess we all wondered Monday night if these newly arrived MEN WITH MONEY will twist, divert or blow up the bridges on this natural path of innovation we have been walking in the blogosphere. We made editorial decisions and built blogs based on passion — because that’s all we had in the beginning — when there was no money and the need to amuse and entertain one another was the key motivator in blogging.

The dinner plate said it all to me … it was surf and turf and Mary Hodder and I looked down at it, shocked to see such a plentiful plate, an amazing piece of prime rib WITH a gorgeous piece of salmon. An embarrassment of riches really for bloggers who were used to the old days, when we were throwing together blogger dinners of cheap Chinese food and hoping to hell when the bill came we could each come up with $9.00 or less.