Kitzhaber And Dudley tête-à-tête

by | Sep 14, 2010

In Oregon (and elsewhere) the race is on for the governor’s mansion. Let’s take a look at the candidates’ commercials.

Oh, an elbow to the ribs. That hurts.

But Dudley’s endured an elbow or two in his time. Here’s his counter:

A poll released today by Riley Research Associates shows the governor’s race in a statistical dead heat. The poll has the former governor favored by 40% of likely voters, while Dudley is favored by 39%. But one of every six voters, or 16%, are still undecided. Which means the voters in the middle will decide this race. Many of these undecided voters may wish they had a few more choices on the ballot, or at least one more Independent choice, but that’s not how a two-party system works.