Kicking Needless Noise

by | Mar 1, 2006

Novelist, Brendan Halpin doesn’t like Wilco’s live album, Kicking Television.

I received the Wilco live album, Kicking Television, for Christmas, and I was very excited. But after a couple of listens, I have to say I think Wilco might be heading into that “good at what they do but not really for me” category. Why reproduce the horrible noise from “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” live? Does anybody think, “You know, what I really love about that record is the unlistenable noise between the otherwise great songs. The parts that are almost impossible to listen to really make it. Boy, I hope they have a radio tuned between stations when they play live!” Also, would it kill you to rock just a little bit?

Maybe he ought to go for Tweedy solo at The Vic. There’s no screeching. The songs are front and center.