Ken Mehlman Used to Work for Me

by | Aug 25, 2004

Once upon a time, I doled out story assignments to budding journalists. Doing so was part of my weekly routine as Asst. News Editor and later as News Editor of The College Reporter at Franklin & Marshall. The most enterprising reporter I had on staff was an aggressive young man by the name of Ken Mehlman. I tended to give Ken the best assignments and eventually appointed him my Asst. News Editor.

Now, when I see Ken on TV promoting his boss–the President of The United States–mostly what I feel is a strong sense of detachment, and at times a tinge of regret. After college, Ken went to Harvard Law School. I opted for the environmental movement and Grateful Dead tour. Today, Ken shapes the news and plays a role with absolutely huge consequences. I, on the other hand, make ads for disinterested audiences. What’s my point? Merely, that it’s nice to be in a position to make a difference.