Jim Lauderdale’s Patchwork River Is Rollin’ My Way

by | May 1, 2010

Jim Lauderdale’s new album, Patchwork River, comes out May 11 and I can’t wait (which is why I just pre-ordered the physical disc from Amazon).

Lauderdale is one of my favorite artists, so I’m excited for any new material he puts out, but this album is another collaboration with Robert Hunter, which ups the ante considerably.

Lauderdale and Hunter teamed up before. In 1999, they worked with mountain music legend Dr. Ralph Stanley on I Feel Like Singing Today, and again on Lauderdale’s magical release Headed For the Hills from 2004.

According to The Tennessean, the two men admire one another’s work and are willing to talk about it.

“He paints pictures that have never been seen. I can’t believe that I ever got to meet him, much less work with him,” Lauderdale said of Hunter.

“He’s a world-class genius,” Hunter said about Lauderdale. “If you don’t like country with a humble jolt of human soul, leave him alone.”