Jackmos Back on Stage

by | Dec 6, 2008

We went downtown last night to see Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons play at Dante’s on SW 3rd and Burnside. It was good to see Jerry open strong with “1936 Jesus” into “Chinese Balls” followed by “Savage Garden.”

note the shoes (Jerry typically plays barefoot)

Jerry hasn’t been performing under the Jackmormons banner for a few years, but that time is now past. Jerry explains:

…we have decided that the moratorium on the Jackmormons name is over, so its the Jackmormons = junior, drizos and myself. no…brad is not dead, he was last spotted at the oregon country fair mumbling something about 2012 and “making the snakes go away”. aside from that unforunate moment, there is no weird political cloak and dagger shit. brad’s and my life have intertwined for the bulk of our 25 year friendship and i’m sure we will see him again soon….but we just felt that the j-mos name is less confusing than the denmark-jack-sometime-stockholm-electric-solo-duo-trio-vessymormons, so we shall be kicking off the the “whatever happend to dragging it out behind the barn and killing it with an axe” tour 09 with some rockies shows and then the NYE run as the Jackmormons.

Jerry’s presence brought out some old friends–I was pleasantly surprised to see Chris Reddish who flew in from Salt Lake and I bumped in to David Warrington, the photog who took the famous Veneta ’82 image that hangs on my wall (and has since 1989, when I purchased a print from him outside the Frost Theatre in Palo Alto).

MP3 Offering: “Elastic” by The Denmark Veseys