In International Waters

by | Jan 20, 2006 has a feature up about Jam Cruise 4, which took place on the high seas Jan 7-13th.

It’s hard to imagine a more decadent vacation than this, but it wasn’t all a belly full of laughs. Having this much fun is serious. Here’s how Michael Franti, one of the most conscious performers working today, sums up Jam Cruise:

It’s a celebration of free expression; musical expression and also the freedom of expression of the people that are contributing to music. There are very few safe places in our culture where you can feel free. And I think that’s why the festival scene has flourished so much, not just the music, but the audience and the fans that take the festivals on and turn them into their own thing. The freedom of expression of the audience is a reaction to society at large. It’s a time when people can go away and not have to feel confined by the rigidity of American life.