How To Get $3.96 Worth of Iron & Wine

by | Feb 23, 2008

Since I’m an avid collector of EPs now, I want to tell you about one in particular that I’m liking. It’s called “iTunes Exclusive EP,” which is far from original, but do not let Sam Beam fool you. The music on this 2004 Sub Pop release is.


The EP contains four songs:

“No Moon”
“Sinning Hands”
“Friends They Are Jewels”
“Peng!” (a Stereolab cover)

“No Moon” and “Sinning Hands” were previously available only on a bonus 7″ single included with the first vinyl pressing of Our Endless Numbered Days. “Peng!” was previously included on a compilation that came with the 2nd issue of the amazing arts and culture magazine, Yeti. “Friends They Are Jewels,” Beam pulled from his unreleased archives.

[MP3 Offering] “Southern Anthem” off of The Creek Drank the Cradle