Hill Country Modern

by | Mar 24, 2008

Spend any time in Austin today and you’ll see sharp looking modern homes popping up in historic neighborhoods every direction from the Capitol. With their funny shapes and bold colors, they are hard to miss.


Austin culture ‘zine, Odic Force, is reporting on the action.

Nobody said living in modernity was easy. Even so, more and more people in Austin are taking the plunge. The trend is noticeable all over the city. Scattered along streets like North Loop and Live Oak between South 1st Street and South 5th Street, Woodrow Avenue north of Koenig Lane, and in various parts of neighborhoods like Bouldin Creek and Hyde Park, houses have materialized that may as well been teleported there by aliens bent on taking over the real estate market. These structures tend to throw conventional home design out the energy-efficient window. They have angles where traditional homes have straight lines. They have straight lines where normal homes have curves. They hoard light where other homes collect shadows.

Modern Austin kindly offers page after page of modernist imagery and links to listings.

As I was clicking around, I also stumbled upon this Lake Flato modernist masterpiece on 17 acres in Kyle, TX, which one can rent for the night.