Hemp For Victory (Over Stupidity)

by | Jan 17, 2006


I found this bumper sticker in a store on Lexington Avenue in Asheville on Sunday. I like the attitude it brings and the question it begs. Hemp is not pot. It’s a plant that can revolutionize farming in America, as well as the textile and energy industries. There’s nothing to fear here. It’s a plant that has been in cultivation for the past 8000 years, yet it is outlawed in this nation today. We need to change that.

After purchasing this sticker, I crossed Lexington Ave. and entered Terra Diva, where I was lucky to find a great pair of hemp pants in my size (a miracle in its own right). The pants are from Of The Earth–headquartered in Bend, Oregon–which strives to be the premier resource for fine natural fiber apparel in the world.