Help Ralph Do The Heavy Lifting

by | Oct 10, 2004

“Daily the corporate supremacists pull Kerry–through money, Wall Street advisers and sheer power–in their direction. If the liberals do not demand from Kerry commitments in detail that pull him toward the necessities of the people, guess in which direction he will continue to move. If he wins the election without mandates, corporatist dogma will follow him decisively into the Oval Office.” -Ralph Nader, in today’s Washington Post

Ralph Nader is the only Presidential candidate who has worked his entire life to help people by battling corporate greed. But because he’s marginalized by the mainstream media and now also by frightened Democrats, too few people are prepared to vote for him.


Ralph was on C-SPAN today and spoke eloquently and persuasively, as he always does. It took a caller who emigrated to the U.S. from Ethiopia to point out that throughout American history, the Dems and Republicans have been little more than flimsy fronts for corporate interests. Ralph picked up on this and described the crucial role third parties have played in moving some of the biggest issues we’ve faced as a nation forward. Issues like slavery, women’s suffrage, and workers’ rights. I understand it is work to pick up a history book, but if we’re going to get out from under corporate control and reinstitute American democracy, it will be necessary.

Loyalist Democrats are asking what Nader hopes to achieve by running for President this year. I think the answer to that question is pretty plain to see. He wants the Dems to adopt his agenda. To achieve that goal one must apply pressure. Nader’s candidacy is holding them accountable, and in my estimation it’s some of the most important work of this ubercitizen’s life.