Guy Forsyth Deals With The Things That Matter

by | May 19, 2011

My cousin Joshua Cain Daugherty came to town last week with Wammo vs. Forsyth, an offshoot of the Austin-based band, Asylum Street Spankers. It’s fun to see Joshua in action as a rock and roll tour manager. For such a laid back dude, he gets the musicians where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Before the show, Joshua was hyping Guy Forsyth a bit, saying what a pro he is and how he practices a lot and has great stage presence. I wondered if I would see the craftsmanship on stage at The Alberta Rose, and I did. Forsyth, it turns out is a gentleman and a songster. He reminds me of an old-time kind of guy that rides the rails and tells the tales.

MP3 Offerings: “Piece Of The Pie” a track from Live at Gruene Hall and “Things That Matter” live at the Mucky Duck in Houston (recorded by Joshua on 2/12/11).