Grant-Lee Is Gonna Wake Up With The Birds

by | Jan 24, 2010

Grant-Lee Phillips took the Mississippi Studios stage last night, alone, just a man, his guitar and a head full of stories. Except for a few unconscious talkers in the back, the capacity audience hung on Phillips’ every note and every word.

Phillips appeared very comfortable on stage. He’s clearly a seasoned performer, but there’s something else. There’s a vibrant, hopeful message in his brand of lyrical narrative and six string delivery.

NPR says “Phillips knows how to radiate hope in quotable, genuinely inspirational ways that steer clear of mawkishness.”

In a music world full of hipper than thou attitude, Phillips is like a strong, nutrient-rich wind coming in off the Pacific. iTunes names his 2009 release Little Moon the year’s Best Singer/Songwriter Album, according to American Songwriter.

In the video above Phillips calls Little Moon his best work yet. I’m already a big fan of Virginia Creeper and Mobilize. Now, after last night’s show, I’m ready to indulge in a batch of new songs from this American craftsman.