Get Some Ed In Your Head

by | Apr 29, 2007

Now in it’s 17th year, The “Risky Biscuit Hayseed Hoot”™ hosted by Dondo Darue, is a mix of insurgent Americana: country, folk, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, rock, spoken word, humor, etc. The show airs Saturday mornings on 100.1 FM KTHX in Reno, Nevada; 95.3 FM KPND in Sandpoint, Idaho and on KTRT in the Methow Valley in North Central Washington state. Shows like the annual Ed Abbey Memorial are also available for download.

The “local crew” at Patagonia’s Reno distribution center writing on the company’s new blog says:

Wanna get some Ed in your head? Then sidle on up to the Hoot Hut and have a listen to this year’s Ed Abbey show, where you’ll find tasty instrumentals, a little blues, a little folk, a little outlaw country, and a generous helping of Mr. Abbey reading straight from classics such as “In Defense of the Redneck” and Desert Solitaire.

Abbey sounds clear as a bell in these recordings. And the supporting soundtrack with tunes by Shannon McNally, Robert Earl Keen, Michael Martin Murphey, John Prine, Chuck Brodsky, Marshall Tucker Band and many more is an outstanding compliment. My hat’s off to Dondo Darue.