Every Generation Needs A Loretta Lynn

by | Sep 11, 2008

In the video above, Elizabeth Cook, who Nanci Griffith calls “this generation’s Loretta Lynn,” tears it up holler-style with her husband Tim Carroll.

But don’t be fooled by her footwork, this is a complicated and modern woman.

She grew up the daughter of musician/moonshiner parents, but Elizabeth also graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1996 with dual degrees in Accounting and Computer Information Systems, and accepted a job offer from Price Waterhouse’s Nashville office. But her gift for music proved inescapable and the young accountant signed a publishing deal within a year.

Cook’s 2007 release, Balls, was produced by Rodney Crowell. “This is a very ‘indie’ album,”Crowell says. “In order to get it made, we all had to pull together and pitch in. But, Elizabeth brings out the best in people. Most of the record was performed live. There’s very little overdubbing and no layering. What I wanted was a snapshot of Elizabeth’s sensibilities. In the end, it was almost as if we filmed these songs.”

MP3 Offering: “Times are Tough in Rock and Roll” off of Balls