English Major Brings Publishing To The People

by | Jun 17, 2005

Meg Hourihan, co-creator of the personal publishing application Blogger, was recently profiled by the alumni magazine at Tufts, her alma mater.


Having founded two pioneering high-tech companies in the past five years, Hourihan’s English degree may seem a bit incongruous. But she doesn’t think so.

“My career path in technology is not at all an aberration,” she explains. “Many women in technology come to technology later and don’t come through traditional academic, undergraduate degrees.”

She is a strong advocate of creating an educational environment where women are encouraged to enter the math, science and technology fields.

“For me, when I was growing up, I felt there was a stigma of computers and being a nerd,” she recalls. “I went to computer camp in sixth grade. I told people when I got back to school that I went to computer camp and I was just mocked. That definitely had an impact on me.”