Dennis The Progressive Menace

by | Jan 30, 2004

I tuned in tonight to MSNBC for the entire 90-minute Democratic Presidential debate from Greenville, South Carolina. Dennis Kucinich, a congressman from Cleveland, Ohio (and the city’s former mayor) is my new candidate. I was for Howard Dean six months ago, although my support lacked true conviction. After Iowa, I began to believe a Kerry-Edwards ticket can deliver the much needed knock out blow come November. I still believe that combination is the country’s best bet for change at the executive level. Yet, tonight after paying close attention to all the candidates, I have new found respect for the free-speaking Rev. Al Sharpton of New York City and Dennis Kucinich.

Of course, Kucinich’s progressive views will not attract enough market share to put him in the Oval Office. I recognize that, but it bothers me not. I prefer to support and vote for the candidate I want to win, not the one I think has the best chance to win. After all, it’s an election, not a horse race.

During the last Presidential election, many progressives voted for Green Party nominee and consumer advocate, Ralph Nader. This outraged many liberal Democrats, as they accused Mr. Nader of stealing votes from their pal Al, which sadly led to the reign of George the Horrible. No. Al Gore lost the White House on his own accord. If more people wanted Gore to be President, they would have voted for him. It’s really that simple.