Community Radio Rocks My World

by | Apr 20, 2005

I spend my days in front of a computer screen, which, like all things, has its plusses and minuses. One minus is my degrading posture. Another my repetitive stress injuries. On the brighter side, there is blogging and information sharing from around the world. One medium I particularly love to absorb information from is community radio delivered via streaming media, or in my case, iTunes.

Art by Robinella

I’ve been listening in on several communities over the past couple of years. KGNU in Boulder, WLUW in Chicago, WMSE in Milwaukee, KAOS in Olympia, KCRW in Santa Monica, and more recently WXYC in Chapel Hill, WFMU in Jersey City and WDVX in Knoxville. All these stations blow commercial radio off the dial, but I’m particularly liking WDVX right now. Mainly, because I’m a relatively new fan of true country music. Not Nashville! True country, or what old timers might call mountain music.