Change Will Come From Within

by | Sep 5, 2004

Lately I’ve been thinking of moving to Canada, The British Virgin Islands, Australia, or even Bulgaria in order to at once, sharpen my critique of our federal government (if that’s possible), and also to deny the War Machine its portion of my taxable income. Here’s another point-of-view, more realistic and more responsible:

“The battle to reclaim democracy is going to be a difficult one. Our freedoms were not granted to us by any governments. They were wrested from them by us. And once we surrender them, the battle to retrieve them is called a revolution. It is a battle that must range across continents and countries. It must not acknowledge national boundaries but, if it is to succeed, it has to begin here. In America. The only institution more powerful than the U.S. government is American civil society. The rest of us are subjects of slave nations. We are by no means powerless, but you have the power of proximity. You have access to the Imperial Palace and the Emperor’s chambers. Empire’s conquests are being carried out in your name, and you have the right to refuse. You could refuse to fight. Refuse to move those missiles from the warehouse to the dock. Refuse to wave that flag. Refuse the victory parade.” – from “Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy” by Arundhati Roy